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Message From Our Employees

Katsuhito Nishizaka (Sales department, Sales Division)

Although our business is done between companies, what really matters is the trust among people.

1. Please tell us about your work.

I work in the sales department.
I am in charge of dealing principally with foreign customers. I visit customers and exchange information about the market trends, product prices, delivery dates, product quality, etc. Then I bring back the customer orders, discuss with our technicians about the customer specifications in order to produce and deliver products that can satisfy their needs.

2. What do you care the most in your work activities?

I avoid unclear expressions, especially dealing with foreign customers, it is very important to say YES or NO clearly in order to prevent confusion on our customers.
That would make it difficult to reach agreement. Additionally I try to be cheerful, so the customer might be willing to talk again so a smooth deal and negotiation is possible to achieve.

3. Tell us about the pleasant and difficult part of your work.

One of the wonderful aspects of this work is the opportunity to get in contact with people from many countries and observe many diverse things.
This experience broadened my view of life. On the other hand, the difficult part is when dealing in a foreign language, I am unable to convey my thoughts, or when I am not able to understand the customer's ideas.
To obtain the precise information and collect it skillfully is a difficult task.

4. Please tell us about the challenging part of your work.

When I see products in the market that were assembled with our parts,
I feel happiness knowing that I was involved in the manufacturing of that product. Besides, I feel very grateful when I receive the kindness of our customers abroad and have good relationships with them.
I enjoy doing business abroad.

Katsuhito Nishizaka

Kenta Oishi  <Assembling Supervisor at Manufacturing Division>

Being told ”OK, that’s it!”, when the job is done at a satisfactory level.

1. Please tell us about your work.

I am in charge of assembling dies, test punching and adjustment.
Assembling dies requires high precision in order to satisfy the specifications of our customers so every part of the dies can finally function as a whole. Then, the assembled die is set up in the press machine, the specifications are verified and a fine tuning is carried out.
Additionally, in order to meet the customer's production specifications we start up the dies in the customer's factory.

2. What do you care the most in your work activities?

We take care in performing the assembly work accurately and to finish our products in a short period of time.
For instance, even if the same die is made, every step of the assembly process is minutely different, there is the possibility that a die may not work properly. At this point, when the die is assembled, adjustments and repairs are recorded, in this way it is possible for the work to go smoothly when the same work is carried out.
We pay particular attention to finish our products by the delivery date by these measures described above.

3. Tell us about the pleasant and difficult part of your work.

Repairing and adjusting dimensions of difficult dies are very tough tasks.
The assembling of dies even if accomplished obeying the process faithfully not always produce precise dimensions.
When a method of adjustment can not be defined just by numbers, the opinion of senior coworkers and superiors, as well as the current own experience is fundamental.
It is commonplace to work late at night in order to meet the delivery date.
Satisfying the dimensions of the finished product, complying to the customer specifications are great personal satisfactions.

4. Please tell us about the challenging part of your work.

When I see a domestic electrical appliance made employing the dies that I have manufactured, I feel the happiness of knowing I am related to that creative process, too.

Kenta Oishi

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